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Astrology describes the structure of the astral body which is created at birth. The birth chart describes the flow of energy into and out of the astral body. The soul creates the astral body at the moment of birth in order to have a link or interface to the physical body. The energy structure that is created at that time is linked to the structure of the geocosmic sphere at that instant. Different moments in time can see each other within the astral plane because it is intermediate between this world of space-time and the infinite-eternal center of being. The Sun and Moon Selves Every person has a dominant self and a subordinate self. Within the astral body the dominant self comes from the sun and the subordinate self comes from the moon. As the center of the solar system, the sun is the vital self at the center of the person. As the earth's cold, reflective, fast-moving satellite, the moon is a self of changing moods and reactions to the dominant self and to others. The sun corresponds to the dominant brain hemisphere, which is usually the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the verbal, conscious, unselfish, asexual, and socially cooperative portion of the brain. The moon corresponds to the subordinate brain hemisphere, which is usually the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere is the pattern-recognizing, unconscious, selfish, sexually motivated, and socially rebellious portion of the brain. Role of the Planets in the Soul's Learning Process Whereas the sun and the moon are the outward and inward self-principles within the astral body, the planets play more specialized roles. The planets control stages in the soul's learning process. These stages are: 1. gathering information; 2. creating desires; 3. performing action; 4. experiencing results; and 5. analyzing and learning the consequences of one's desires. The five visible planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn correspond to these stages or functions within the astral body. The visible planets govern the conscious self that deals with the external world. A similar sequence of stages involving the unconscious self and the internal world appears to begin with the invisible planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. In order for the sequence to be complete, two additional planets must exist. The positions of the planets at the birth of the astral body define the invisible structure of the person not because of any gravitational or magnetic influence on the physical plane, but because the creative agency that is responsible for souls experiencing life in physical bodies structured the astral plane in this manner. Because the planets correspond to different aspects of life within a body, these correspondences make it possible to plan a life starting at a particular time and place in order to work on particular life lessons or areas. Incarnating Through the Planetary Stages souls have been progressing through the stages represented by the sun, moon, and planets in successive lifetimes. The historical stages of civilization then mirror the progress of souls through the planetary stages. The sun and moon lifetimes come first and give the soul the opportunity to define the characteristic expression of the soul's dominant/outer self and of the soul's subordinate/inner self. Because the sun lifetime comes first, the moon lifetime can be a reaction to it, in a subconscious effort by the moon self to become its own independent person. Following the luminary sequence, the first planetary sequence progresses through the visible planets. It therefore focuses on left-brain-type goals and activities. Different souls are working through the planetary stages at different times, but to focus on the initial appearance of the stages within Western civilization, we have: 1) the exploration typical of Mercury in the philosophical inquiry of Hellenistic civilization; 2) the feelings of Venus in the religious enthusiasm that swept the civilized world around the time of Christ; 3) the attempts to implement God's kingdom on earth during the stage of Mars; 4) the Jupiterian expansion of the external man and world during the Renaissance; and 5) the scientific revolution, puritanical reaction to excesses, and more sophisticated political forms characteristic of analytical, controlling Saturn. The current planetary sequence is progressing through the invisible, newly discovered planets. It therefore focuses on internal or right-brain forces and activities. The stages of this sequence are: 1) the discovery of Uranus in 1781 corresponding to the age of invention, the great classical music composers, and the Age of Enlightenment involving liberation from the shackles of narrow, left-brain thinking; 2) the inner feelings of Neptune (discovered in 1846) as expressed in the Romantic movement in the arts, bohemianism, spiritualism, and communal social experiments; 3) attempts to transform the inner person through psychoanalysis, or through Prohibition together with the rebellion that followed, in fascist and totalitarian attempts to remake both the world and the inner man, and the liberation of atomic energy, all characteristic of Pluto which was discovered in 1930; 4) the flowering of personal growth and exploration movements which began in the 1960's, together with the information revolution, marks the stage of the next planet, a planet which expands the inner world in the same way that Jupiter and the Renaissance expanded the outer world (in 1977 an astronomer discovered a small planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus - Chiron the Centaur); 5) the final stage will be marked by inner science and holistic science - genetic engineering, fine control of atomic forces, nanotechnology, chaos theory, fuzzy logic, understanding of global ecology, knowledge of sociobiological programming, use of hypnosis to research the astral plane and past lives, medical understanding of the body's energy system, and direct, mystical access to and control of one's brain pathways by the conscious individual. The Framework of the Horoscope Astrologers calculate a chart of the sky at the moment of a person's birth in order to see the corresponding structure of that individual's astral body. The base structure of the astral body, into which the planets are plugged, is defined by the geographical birth location. The line between the east and west horizon points and the line between the upper and lower meridian points act as lines of energy flow within the structure of the astral body. The horizon line describes the person and the meridian line describes the environment. Astrologers call the point where the eastern horizon intersects the ecliptic the Ascendant. The Ascendant controls the energy flow relating to the private selfhood of the individual. Its opposite, the Descendant, controls the energy flow relating to the individual's public selfhood. The lowest point in the sky, the Imum Coeli or lower meridian, describes the type of energy flow relating to the individual's private environment. Astrologers call the intersection of the highest point in the sky with the ecliptic the Midheaven or upper meridian. The Midheaven describes the energy flow relating to the individual's public environment. Astrologers divide the sphere of the sky at birth into twelve divisions called houses. The horizon and meridian lines define four quadrants, each of which is trisected by various systems into three houses, making a total of twelve houses. The houses are numbered counterclockwise from the Ascendant at the left of the chart, which point marks the cusp or start of the First House. The Imum Coeli at the bottom of the chart marks the cusp of the Fourth House. The Descendant at the right of the chart marks the cusp of the Seventh House. The Midheaven at the top of the chart marks the cusp of the Tenth House. The lower hemisphere of the chart, consisting of the six houses below the horizon, deals with the individual's private world and inflowing energies. The upper hemisphere, consisting of the six houses above the horizon, deals with the individual's public world and outflowing energies. The first quadrant of each hemisphere relates to the body or self of the person while the second quadrant of each hemisphere relates to the environment or society in which the person lives. The first house of each quadrant relates to building the character of that quadrant's focus. The second house of each quadrant relates to the physical structure or support network for that quadrant's focus. The third house of each quadrant relates to motion, activity, or change within that quadrant's focus. Let us now put all of this together.
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