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Starting point Wondering Where to Start? Once you decide to study astrology, it can be hard to know where to start. This page is dedicated to helping you take that first step - through understanding a little bit about the sign you were born under, known as your "sun sign." On the first day of spring, we say the sun "enters" Aries. What we mean is that the sun looks like it is passing in front of the constellation we call Aries. Anyone born during the first four weeks of spring has the "sun in Aries" in their astrological chart. Over the course of a year, the sun eventually passes through all 12 signs. Knowing what sign the sun was in when you were born is a good place to start learning about astrology, because the sun represents your basic self definition. It is not all of astrology by any means, but it's a beginning! The following is a just a brief description of the 12 signs. The dates given for each sign may vary a day on either side, as leap years affect the calendar day but not the Sun's position. ARIES: March 20-April 19. Fire sign. Archetypes: Risk-Taker, Pioneer, Survivor, Warrior. Primary Motivation: To develop courage, strengthen willpower. Choice: Take on meaningful challenges aligned with personal values or fight pointless battles. TAURUS: April 19-May 20. Earth sign. Archetypes: Musician, Earth Spirit, Quiet One. Primary Motivation: To find inner peace, serenity, and simplicity. Choice: Develop strong inner security that can accommodate life's changes or live materialistic/stagnant life. GEMINI: May 20-June 21. Air sign. Archetypes: Teacher, Storyteller, Witness, Writer. Primary Motivation: To communicate, observe life, share information. Choice: Use the mind or be used by the mind. CANCER: June 21-July 22. Water sign. Archetypes: Nurturer, Sensitive, Therapist. Primary Motivation: To feel depth of emotions, develop trust, acceptance. Choice: Learn to balance sensitivity with protection or be overwhelmed by the harsh realities of life. LEO: July 22-August 23. Fire sign. Archetypes: King/Queen, Performer, Child. Primary Motivation: To fully express one's creativity, develop personal style. Choice: Find ultimate approval and joy within or be overly affected by other's opinions. VIRGO: August 23-September 22. Earth sign. Archetypes: Perfectionist, Critic, Analyst. Archetypes: To grow towards an ideal, develop skills and fulfill greatest potential. Choice: Accept and love imperfections while striving to be better or be driven by pessimism and criticalness. LIBRA: September 22-October 23. Air sign. Archetypes: Artist, Lover, Peacemaker. Primary Motivation: To create harmony and balance in the world through relationships and art. Choice: Learn how to compromise without betraying own values or get stuck in self-denial and inaction. SCORPIO: October 23-November 22. Water sign. Archetypes: Detective, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist. Primary Motivation: To live life with intensity, and be willing to face deep emotions honestly. Choice: Accept the reality of hidden emotions or be controlled by them. SAGITTARIUS: November 22-December 21. Fire sign. Archetypes: Student, Philosopher, Explorer. Archetypes: To expand awareness, find life meaning through a variety of experiences. Choice: Become aware of sacredness in everyday experiences or lose sense of purpose through overextension. CAPRICORN: December 21-January 19. Earth sign. Archetypes: Authority, Strategist, Hermit. Primary Motivation: To pursue and achieve goals in alignment with highest integrity. Choice: Balance achievements with emotional/relationship needs or become lonely/authoritarian figure. AQUARIUS: January 19-February 18. Air sign. Archetypes: Scientist, Revolutionary, Genius. Primary Motivation: To claim the freedom to be oneself and attain true individuality. Choice: Be true to self or live life without personal meaning. PISCES: February 18-March 20. Water sign. Archetypes: Mystic, Poet, Romantic. Primary Motivation: To develop spiritual awareness and higher consciousness. Choice: Develop spiritual or artistic connection or become lost in escapist activities or fantasy world. What Next? Astrology is a tool that you can use throughout your life. Learning your sun sign is a first step; but the sun is only one of 10 planets used in astrology, each of which represents a different part of your personality. For instance, while the sun shows something about your primary sense of self, the moon shows what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled, and how you react when you are stressed. Astrology can help you understand yourself and your life from a more positive perspective, for it shows the higher purpose behind every experience in your life. It's an exciting journey, and your options are many. You can set up an appointment with an astrologer to help get you started, or you can start reading books or taking classes. But be patient! Learning astrology is a life-long process, because as complicated a person as you are, your chart is equally complex. Welcome to the world of Astrology! Supercharts

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