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One way to get to know yourself better through astrology is to ask which signs you tend not to like, or have problems with. There will always be something very important about that sign which you are jealous of (usually unconsciously) or have a personal difficulty with. Astrology can help us take responsibility for our own issues, rather than becoming a convenient way to believe that the problem is with "those darn Leo's" (insert your favorite scapegoat) 1) Ask yourself which sign or signs you tend to not like or have problems with. Read the characteristics given for each sign and ask yourself which of those abilities are things you need to work on. If you can develop these capabilities yourself, you will find your attitude toward that sign miraculously improved. 2) Read each sign, thinking of people you know who embody those signs. Reflect on anything about those people that you may have a hard time with and what that may say about parts of yourself that could be developed. Aries : Ability to pursue self-interest; Ability to break from tradition; Assertiveness; Directness; Self-expression; Independence; Honoring oneself and what one wants; Passion for physical activity; Energy; Passion for what is right and true Taurus : Ability to take care of oneself; Peacefulness; Gentleness; Ability to enjoy sensuality/material things; Communion with nature; Going slowly; Patience; Stability; Dependability; Enjoying the present; Indulging in simple pleasures; Enjoying life; Self-sufficiency; Simplicity Gemini : Not being too attached to honesty; Ability to speak freely; Not taking things too seriously; Valuing mental stimulation; Not demanding loyalty from others; Enjoying the freedom to move around; Flirtatiousness; Enjoying socializing; Valuing non-commitment Cancer : Honoring "neediness"; Honoring the importance of family; Sensitivity; Expressing emotion; Taking care of others; Valuing peace/harmony with others; Humility; Thrift; Ability to be "in the background," receptive, feminine Leo : Loving yourself, Celebrating yourself; Fulfilling yourself; Expressing all of yourself; Teaching/leading; Having authority; Playing; Loving children; Believing in yourself; Having a sunny disposition Virgo : Humility; Thirst for personal growth; Interest in health/diet; Sharp eye/analysis for flaws/detail; Discipline; Organization; Ability to serve others; Neatness; Working hard Libra : Ability to yield/cooperate; Valuing relationship/marriage, Valuing beauty/nice things; Emotional strength/independence; Valuing balance/avoiding extremes; Seeing the other side of the story; Valuing friendship Scorpio : Intensity; Valuing the dark; Valuing intimacy; Valuing money; Interest in breaking taboos; Sexuality; Power; Interest in "the mysteries"; Interest in healing; Ability to keep silent/to oneself; Spirituality; Feeling all feelings; charisma Sagittarius : Youthfulness; Valuing travel; Valuing freedom; Valuing religion; Positivity; Looking on the bright side; Noticing the good things in others; Having fun; Honesty; Uprightness; Leadership by example; Interest in philosophy/systems of thought; Valuing intuition/the higher mind; Enjoying trends; Happiness Capricorn : Maturity; Dedication; Groundedness; Interest in getting along with others/fitting in; Contributing to society; Hard work; Enjoyment of wealth/fame/position/physical existence; Taking on responsibility; Self-sufficiency; Not avoiding the negative; Frugality Aquarius : Friendliness; Tolerance; Interest in community; Interest in the greater good; Valuing of friends; Eccentricity; Progressiveness; Appreciating others; Originality/new ideas/doing things a new way; Splitting from traditional ways; Emotional independence; Openness to experimentation/excitement Pisces : Compassion; Sensitivity; Valuing of art as art; Ability to yield; Surrender to a Higher Reality; Feeling feelings; Valuing service; Giving to others; Spirituality; Valuing dance; Taking care of others; Humility VHave you ever wondered where the little symbol that represents your Zodiac sign comes from? If you're a fan of astrology and want to learn more about the subject, perhaps the best place to start is with the myths and glyphs of the Sun Signs. Astrologers use these glyphs, or symbols, as shorthand in their work every day. But as astrology becomes more widespread, these little guys are popping up all over the place. Jewelry, key chains, handbags, T-shirts, and car decals bearing the Sun Sign symbols are all increasingly popular. You, or someone you know, may even have a Zodiac sign tattoo! Knowing the myth of your sign is yet another a way of knowing yourself. These astrological tales of the past help us to understand the present by shining light on the timeless, archetypical character of our Sun Sign. Read on, and discover the hidden meaning of your personal Sun Sign symbol! Astrologyinformationplus Aries:* The symbol for Aries is a stylized representation of the head of a Ram. In Greek mythology, Aries was the Ram who bore the Golden Fleece, pursued by the adventurer Jason in his ship the Argo. Aries, however, didn't give up his fleece without a fight. Aries natives, like the mythological Ram, are rarely quitters. Taurus:* The symbol for Taurus is a stylized representation of the head of a Bull. In ancient Goddess-worshiping societies, the Bull was worshiped as a symbol of fertility. The strength and stability of the Bull serves Taureans well in their steady progress through life. Gemini:* The symbol for Gemini is two Twins standing side by side. The Twins were Castor and Pollux, the sons of Leda and the Swan (Zeus in disguise). The personalities of the Twins were totally different - which is why Gemini natives seem to have two distinct faces. Cancer:* The symbol for Cancer is a stylized representation of the claws of a Crab. The goddess Hera sent a Crab to the hero Hercules to prevent him from killing the water serpent Hydra. Instead, Hercules killed the Crab, who was then transported to the heavens. The Crab's sacrifice lives on today in the selfless love of mothers, which are ruled by Cancer. Leo:* The glyph of Leo symbolizes the head of a Lion. The first labor of Hercules was to slay the Nemean Lion, a beast whose hide was so tough no arrow could pierce it. Hercules strangled it - and, again, its soul was sent to the skies. Today, like natives of this sign, Leo is a sign of strength, light, and brilliance - vulnerable only to the most powerful. Virgo:* The M-shaped sign for Virgo stands for Mary, the virgin mother of Christ, and the squiggle at the side represents a sheaf of harvested wheat. Some believe this wheat sheaf demonstrates a remnant of ancient paganism in the heyday of early Christianity: the combination of inner purity with human fertility - both of which are features of Virgo natives today. Libra:* The symbol for Libra is a stylized representation of a pair of Scales. This sign is said to symbolize the scales of Astraea, the Roman Goddess of justice. Many Librans today make excellent judges and mediators as they can weigh the merits of both sides of any issue. Scorpio:* The symbol for Scorpio is an "M" for Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, with a tail representing the sting of the Scorpion. The ancient hunter Orion once boasted that there was no beast big enough to kill him. The Scorpion proved him wrong. Scorpios can recall their strength in the scuffle with Orion and use it to help them to meet any challenge. Sagittarius:* Sagittarius' symbol is the arrow of the Archer. Sagittarius, originally a fierce and warlike centaur, comes from a Sumerian legend. In ancient Rome, however, his myth was overshadowed by that of the gentle and fun-loving Chiron. Sagittarians thus can be very playful - and yet formidable opponents in any conflict. Capricorn:* The symbol for Capricorn depicts the head and tail of a goat. In Greek mythology, Capricorn was the name of a hero who, during the war of the Titans, panicked and jumped into the Nile, changing into a goat-fish hybrid creature, now called the Sea Goat. Today, Capricorns use the cleverness of the frightened hero to advance themselves in life. Aquarius:* Aquarius' symbol comes from the Egyptian hieroglyphic "Mu," meaning water. The Egyptians also had a water god called Hapi, usually shown pouring water onto the earth from two jars - the Water Bearer. Today, enlightened Aquarians spread the water of higher consciousness throughout the world. Pisces:* The symbol for Pisces is a stylized representation of two Fishes. The myth of this sign goes as far back as Sumer, but the best-known story comes from the Greeks: Aphrodite and her son Eros were being chased by the monster Typhon, and narrowly escaped by jumping into a river and turning into Fishes. Pisceans of today tend to escape into the waters of love

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