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SUN Power; Vitality, Self-expression, Individuality, Will center of being, ego, authority, success, character, conscious self, self-awareness, purpose, confidence, center, creative force, guiding light, combined whole, potential, inner purpose, courage, strength, nature, direction, self-recognition, synthesis, identity, healthy, happiness, integrating, MOON Response, Intuition, Feelings, Fluctuation, Reaction emotions, feminitity, nurturing, belonging, security, instincts, infatuation, vital body, unconscious self, connectedness, imagination, caring, protective, fertile, growing, cyclic, habitual patterns, sensitivity, shyness, kinship, need to belong, automatic reflexes, reflection, MERCURY Communication ( Mentally & by Transport ), Connections, Reasoning messages, decisions, versatility, listening, traveling, perception, thoughts, language, learning ability, acquired skills, nerves, mental, translator, thought processes, concepts, connections, invent, speed, music, wit, ideas, five senses, nervousness, VENUS Appreciation, Harmony, Personal affection, Relatedness love, gifts, popularity, (earning) ability, social skills, unison, rhythm, values, giving, attraction, mutual benefit, co-operation, beauty, sensuality, passive, sympathetic, sexual interaction, possessing, balance, artistic and musical creativity and expression, connection, comfort, peace, fairness, equality, refining, forgiving, compassion, unselfish, EARTH MARS Energy, Activation, Drive, How something or one will act ambition, athletic ability, heat, selfish desires, passionate, raw and rude force, unsophisticated, initiating, starting, courage, warrior, soldier, endurance, pushing, motivating, adventurous, danger, vigorous, assertive, sexual actions, fighting, competitive, dynamic, reckless, vitality, anger, frustration, violence, aggressive, recuperative powers, adrenaline, direct, strength, masculinity, Outer planets - slower moving, major lessons, Teachers JUPITER Expansion, Growth, Higher mind, Abstract optimism, Truth luck, gifts, prosperity, good humor, allies, lofty aspirations, mercy, faith, philosophy, religion, scientific, higher realms, exploration, wisdom, ethics, belief, social involvement, generosity, opportunity, massive, inflate, grandiousity, broadening, depth of existence, speculation, awareness of purpose, social morality, excessive, over-consumption, travel, translating, rituals, politics, teaching, gambling, preservation, opportunity, SATURN Limitation, Discipline, Obstacles, Concrete achievement career, security, parents, authority, prestige, solid, persevering, contain, organizer, promoter, executive ability, chastity, mechanical, regemented, reaper of, consolidate, commitment, maturity, structure, stability, reassessment, human mortality, aging, cold, depression, serious, foundations, priorities, workaholic, reflective, difficult, frustration, disillusionment, tested, individual worth, involved, fear, barriers, loss, responsibility, URANUS Change, Sudden, Disruptive, Rebellious, Originality. charisma, creativity, ingenuity, genius, different, electrical, detachment, individuality, invention, eccentricity, revolutionary, idealism, practical, adolescense, upheaval, chaos, visionary, trend setter, misunderstood, misfit, contradictions, shock and humor, non-conformists, homosexuality, outsiders, insanity, arrogance, alienation, loneliness, insight, unique, surprise, revitalising, impulses, social diversity, possibilities, NEPTUNE Impressionability, Inspiration, Intangible, Compassion. artistic expression, understanding, spirituality, nebulous, dreams, illusion, fantasy, boundlessness, transcendence, empathy, telepathy, psychic, mystic, ecstacy, escapism, addiction, chameleon, hypnotic, substance abuse, trance, states of consciousness, formless, boundless, prayer, meditation, chanting, singing, dancing, artistic, enlightenment, attunement, universal oneness, self-destructive, sensitive, intuitive, vulnerable, healers, caring, accepting, PLUTO Elimination, Renewal, Regeneration, Transformation. subconscious motives, desire, obsession, sexuality, manipulation, psychic, compulsion, control, latent, initiation, confrontation, reincarnation, faith, descending, stripped, emerging, underworld, survival, power, rage, control, domination, influencing, healing, investigating, discovery, teaching, trust, volatile, explosive, destructive, possessive, hatred, revenge, integrity, rules death, reincarnation, immortality, (the world beyond), Angles - points of intersection, based on the Horizon. ASCENDANT - Way we reveal ourselves when first met. First impressions (east) Outward personality and mannerisms of the individual. (Health) What others see in you. Framework and general nature. Dense body MIDHEAVEN- Self-expression in outer life. Relationship to parents. (north) What we are reaching for, (Status) Way we achieve recognition, How we express ourselves to the world IMUM COELI -Need for security. Family orientation. (Inner Person) (south) Shows part of self most deeply buried in the unconscious. Early life and old age issues. What do we need to feel secure. DESCENDANT- Intimate relationships, (Partnerships) (west) Shows part of self we only express thru others. What do we need to relate, What kind of relationships, PART of FORTUNE - area naturally easy to express, some kind of success. NORTH NODE - future towards which a person is growing. Destiny. SOUTH NODE- patterns of a persons past. Instinctive behavior. POSITIVE - self-expressive, NEGATIVE- more receptive, notice things others don't SIGNS - How planets show their energy
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